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Router or other networking users need to use correct IP address. With the correct IP address, they can login to the router control section and set a setting. Every router packet comes detail instructions and the correct IP address of the router. From the website of manufacturers can possible to get the correct IP address. Netgear and D-Link routers are very popular router brand and those use as an IP address. They use the IP address as a default IP address. This IP address lets users to let in the outer and setup internet. With the IP address, you need to use username and password for login and setup internet.

All of the routers and manufacturers use IP address, username and password. With using all of those login detail, you can setup internet and enable Wi-Fi connection. From the control center of the router, you can setup security for the router. You need to use IP address of Netgear and D-Link routers if you want to start security setting and secure the internet connection through Wi-Fi. You need to go to control center and setup detail of the internet. Keep those information and login detail in a note.

Let’s see how to create an IP address. The whole IP address is made with numbers and dot(.) is used for partition the number for making IP address like In the IP address, you cannot use any letter or any type of sign. Even you cannot put space in the IP address. The IP address has different class and you need to know the class when you want to change the IP address to different IP address. However, you cannot change the IP class but you can change the IP address by following some rules. You need to know about those rules.

Remember, the IP address starts with 1. is Class A type IP address. If the IP address starts with 128. Then that is from class B. Class C IP address starts with 192. After those numbers, some other numbers are used. Usually, Class C type IP address is used in the home router. The IP address is used in the Netgear and D-Link routers and this is Class C type IP address. Usually, Class C and Class A IP address routers are used most in home. You can change the Class IP address from behind. You can put any number from 0 to 255 in the x part of the IP address 192.168.x.x. It means that you can change the Ip address to
You need to use a browser which you will use for login to the router. Netgear and D-Link routers users need to use the IP address on the address field of the browser and hit enter button. Then a page will appear and users are requested to put username and password. You have to use the correct username and password and press the enter button for login. Now you can setup internet and setup Wi-Fi connection. You need to change the MAC filtering and allow devices in the network or you can block device. You should update the firmware for increasing the security of the router.

Changing the IP address is possible after login the router. You have used the default IP address on the browser for login to the router. Sometimes it is necessary to change the default IP address. Usually, router insists you to change the default IP address and setup a new IP address or anything. If you use multiple routers or different networking devices in the same networking, then you have to change the default IP address. Otherwise, you cannot use internet for the IP confliction error. Changing the IP address is the only solution for using the router and all of the networking device. However, the problem mainly occurs from the same IP address. If same IP address is used in all of the devices, then IP confliction errors occurs. When you change the IP address to something IP address, then you can use the routers and use internet properly.

After login the router control section, you should give attention on the setting of the router, Wi-Fi and security. You should change and setup every setting properly. You should change SSID network name for ensuring the security. On the router home page, there must be a Wizard tool and it is easy to use for setup internet. You can setup internet step by step by the Wizard tool. Users need to click on the next button for completing the whole process and save the settings. Now your router is read for giving service. You should keep the default IP address However, you should use hard password for the Wi-Fi and that is why, you may use password generator tool.
You need to know the correct IP address when you want to test the router connectivity. Through the ping test with the IP address, you can check the connectivity with the router and computer. You need to use ping command for Netgear and D-Link routers. You need to use “Ping” or “ping -t” command to check the connectivity. From the test, you will get reply and understand the problem and solution of the IP address. From the ping command, you will get verities of result and you need to know about those.